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Westchester Testimonials

“I have been working with Howard Properties for more than a decade.  They were referred to me by my predecessor, who had also been working with the firm for many years.  Fidelity National Financial is a NYSE traded company with more than $8.2 billion in annual revenue.  We lease multiple office locations in Westchester.  I have called on Howard Greenberg many times over the years to relocate offices and to negotiate lease renewals.  He has always done a great job for us.  He knows the market, understands what we need, negotiates in our best interest, and is efficient and professional. He adds value in every transaction.”

Bo Hoban, Director of Real Estate, Eastern Division

“Howard Greenberg originally represented our company in the sublease of our space in 2004. We secured a full floor, with an upgraded installation, at a very attractive price from the previous tenant. Our sublease term was to expire in late 2011, and we wanted to stay in the space as a direct tenant. Howard strategized and conducted our negotiations with the building ownership so that we were able to smoothly and economically transition into a direct tenancy. This saved us significant dollars and time, as we did not have to relocate our entire operation from a space that clearly had worked for our business for the last seven years.”

Brad Markowitz, President, Park Avenue Health Care Management

“I own a business that provides IT support for medical providers. As my clients began to be acquired by large hospital systems, my firm needed to expand quickly to keep up with client demands. We needed to double our space, and also needed to stay in our immediate area. Howard Greenberg was recommended to us and immediately began to search the market for appropriate space. Due to his long relationship with our landlord, he learned of a space that was about to come to market in our existing building, and we were able to secure the space before anyone else ever saw it. It was a smooth transaction, and we got everything we needed, at a very attractive price. It would not have happened without Howard.”