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Tenant Representation

Whether your business is local, regional, or national, our real estate consulting, analysis, and market studies services ensure you have the best market knowledge and negotiating expertise. Get a comprehensive and customized corporate real estate strategy that adapts to the needs of your business.

A thoughtful process

Tenant Representation by Howard Properties begins with a deep dive into the client’s business. The goal is to understand its current needs, potential future needs, as well as its company culture. It also includes a complete analysis of the client’s current space to understand if it is efficient or it needs reconfiguration.

Once we have this information, we can begin our research to see what buildings and spaces in the market fit the client’s needs now and going forward, and how they compare to the client’s present building and space. There is no preconceived agenda to relocate the tenant unless that is what the tenant wants to do after thoroughly reviewing its options.

Once we get to a short list of buildings, we negotiate on multiple buildings, taking into account the client’s budget, space, amenity requirements and all other relevant factors. The responses from the building owners are analyzed against the competitive buildings, and against the market and all information presented on an unbiased basis.

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Give Your Business a Competitive Edge

Today’s business environment makes it necessary for every tenant to not only have the most efficient and cost-effective real estate solution, but to have the most flexible real estate solution.

Benefits for Howard Properties Clients:

  • Access to properties that may not be publicly advertised
  • Trusted guidance based on our extensive network of long standing relationships with regional and national landlords, developers, and leasing agents.
  • Having a Strategic Advisor to navigate complex markets and secure the property with the best fit for your budget and business goals
  • Meticulous due diligence to prevent legal challenges and expensive oversights
  • Negotiating expertise that delivers the best price, protection in ever-changing market conditions, and greatest level of flexibility for future growth
  • Ongoing service after the transaction to support the tenant throughout its lease term