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Lease Support

For many business owners, occupancy cost is their second largest expense. With representation by Howard Properties, Ltd., you have the opportunity to achieve the most cost-effective and flexible solution.

Commercial Lease Services

From lease renewal to lease negotiation and administration, we help you secure the best terms and conditions for your real estate needs. With our decades of expertise and commercial lease negotiation experience, your business will capture more value and advantages from your lease contracts.

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Lease Renewals

Representing our clients with a “zero based” approach to extending existing leases to achieve the best terms and conditions for the future. There are many instances in which rents can actually be rolled back and space can be reconfigured or renovated at no cost to the tenant as a result of a professional renewal negotiation.

Lease Restructuring/Blend and Extend

Even if your lease does not expire for years, there are opportunities to reduce your rent, make modifications in your space to improve its aesthetics and workflow, and lock in lower lease rates for additional years.

Space Programming and Planning

Making sure that the space optimizes your work flow and is as efficient as possible.

Space Expansion or Reduction

Representing you in negotiating with their existing landlord to achieve flexibility in space without the cost and disruption of a relocation.

Space Disposal (Assignment and Subleasing)

Achieving occupancy cost savings by marketing and disposing of excess space.

Lease Negotiation

There are many “business points” in a lease that are worth real money. We negotiate these points to your advantage.

Lease Administration

Keeping track of critical dates (renewal notices, expansion or contraction rights, rights of first offer or first refusal, cancellation dates, etc.) and lease provisions for financial or operational questions that may arise during a lease term.

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