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Do I Need a Real Estate Advisor?

Building owners are well represented when negotiating a lease, purchase or sale

You should be too

Landlords always have professional representation, whether they employ their leasing agents directly or retain a local or multi-national commercial real estate brokerage firm to negotiate on their behalf. We firmly believe you should also have professional representation. By working with Howard Properties, you’ll receive the unique benefits of:

Individualized attention

Your organization is unique. Each building and each space you’ll operate within is unique. And the techniques involved to complete a mutually satisfactory real estate transaction are always unique. As a boutique commercial real estate brokerage company, we have the ability and expertise to work one-on-one with you to create custom tailored real estate solutions.

Strategic outlook

Howard Properties, Ltd. is always monitoring its clients’ changing needs. While leases are typically finite, long-term commitments, the life of your organization is typically dynamic, and may be changing (sometimes significantly) during those long-term lease periods. We understand how growth, restructuring and downsizing all can affect your real estate needs. We’re available to work with you through all phases of your business life, whether your portfolio contains a single unit of space or multiple facilities spread across a region, a country or the world. We keep a watchful eye on real estate market conditions and current situations within your building or adjacent buildings. Whether or not you are compelled to act on those needs at any given time is less important than the fact that you should be aware of market conditions and potential opportunities to readjust, add, subtract or change the size and length of your real estate commitments as your business needs dictate. Howard Properties not only helps you achieve your real estate objectives; we aggressively negotiate on our clients’ behalf to achieve the lowest possible occupancy costs.


We have gleaned a wealth of knowledge representing corporate tenants, law firms, not-for-profit organizations and privately held businesses in 20 states during the past 25 years. You’ll have the full depth and breadth of that experience at your disposal.

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